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Deciding on Breast Reconstruction is not an easy choice....

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

To decide in favor of or against a breast reconstruction is not an easy choice, especially when you have just had breast cancer. Some patients don’t feel ready right away, or they simply decide to wait.

Patients who opt for a delayed reconstruction with breast implants require an extra step that involves a breast expander.

Breast expanders are very special implants that serve the purpose of making room to receive the final implants. Therefore, they are only used temporarily and removed after a maximum of six months so the patient can receive the breast implant.

Unfortunately, No key fits every lock, and every woman who has battled breast cancer heals differently from the disease.

ln terms of body image, some opt to embrace their flat chests, but many find in breast reconstruction a form of closure and self-love. In fact, some studies show that women who opt for a breast reconstruction have better mental health, less stress and reduced anxiety levels (1., Zyga, S., Alikari, V. et a1.,2018).

If you have battled or are battling breast cancer, discuss your options with your medical team.

Study: Fanakidou, I., Zyga, S., Alikari, V. et al. Mental health, loneliness, and illness perception outcomes in quality of life among young breast cancer patients after mastectomy: the role of breast reconstruction. Qual Life Res 27, 539–543 (2018).

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