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New approach to Rhinoplasty is now here in Malaysia!

OSTEOPORE Meshes are manufactured using a 3D printer, using a bioabsorbable material.

Approved by MDA Malaysia and widely used in USA, Europe, and Korea Osteopore meshes are gaining popularity even in Cosmetic Rhinoplasty.

Indicated for reconstruction of cranio-maxillofacial defects and now cosmetic rhinoplasty.

Osteopore meshes consists of polycaprolactone (PCL) a fully re-absorbable material. This just means it does its job and completely disappears and leaves behind no foreign material behind after its job is done.

After being grafted and filling the space the porous structural characteristics of the product allow the various cells normally present in the surrounding tissues to migrate into the porous scaffold. It promotes the generation of extracellular matrix material, such as collagen, while contributing to the reconstruction of the damaged tissue.

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