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Plastic Surgeons in Malaysia with experience using a special type of breast implant.

Do you know POLYTECH Microthane® is the solution to your capsular contracture problem?

Microthane® is Polytech's micro-polyurethane foam covered implant-shell. Some of the advantages of choosing Microthane® is that it reduces the probabilities of common complications such as capsular contracture* and seroma**.

Microthane® is the implant of choice by health tourist especially from Australia and Europe when they used to come to Malaysia or Thailand for their breast augmentation procedure. These implants are costly therefore were not very popularly promoted locally other than when patients had recurring issues with capsular contractures.

If you have an issue with capsular contracture that just wont go away do ask your surgeon if your surgeon has experience using Microthane Breast Implants.


* Pompei, S., et al., “Polyurethane Implants in 2-Stage Breast Reconstruction: 9-Year Clinical Experience”,� Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Volume 37, Issue 2, 1 February 2017, Pages 171-176,

* Pompei S, Evangelidou D, Arelli, F, Ferrante G. 2016. “The Modern Polyurethane-Coated Implant in � Breast Augmentation: Long-Term Clinical Experience”. Aesthetic Surgery Journal

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