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POLYTECH BREAST IMPLANTS are made in Germany. Each implant undergoes very strict quality controls and is thoroughly tested. This ensures that we not only meet international requirements but exceed them. That is one of the many reasons surgeons in more than 75 countries trust in our Breast Implants and other products.

Quality assurance at POLYTECH

We leave nothing to chance: With our comprehensive quality assurance system, we ensure that every single one of our implants meets very high safety standards.

All our products and every development step are monitored and constantly tested by a transparent quality management system. This includes the selection of raw materials, product development, manufacturing, sterilization, quality assurance, storage, as well as sales and customer service.

During the manufacturing process, we inspect each implant before and after every production step and perform so-called 100% checks. This means that every single implant is inspected in detail. We only process and deliver those products which pass every one of our tests.

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