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POLYTECH MICROTHANE BREAST IMPLANTS reduces risk for reoperation!

Microthane Breast Implants is the solution for providing the ideal aesthetic look while reducing reoperation!!!

It is no coincidence new techniques for breast augmentation are being tried- from fat injections to fillers- doctors and patients are concerned about the re-operation rate associated with implants.

Texturing on breast implants are a good options, but patients have been accepting the re-operation rate associated with these implants. Polyurethane foam implants are the best option; they have the same safety profile as smooth and textured implants but with benefits of the reduced capsular contractures, malposition, migration and implant rippling.

Recommended usage: Reoperation

• Reoperation following capsular contracture- one capsular contracture does not mean a second will occur. But, based on the higher capsular contracture rates following a reoperation, the chances increase, making MICROTHANE Breast Implants the best option for use in reoperations.

• Reoperation following malposition, synmastia or wrinkling- Polyurethane has a documented lower rate of malposition and wrinkling and should be used for a reoperation following any of these issues.

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