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Touch them, it can save your life!

Learning about your breasts means knowing your ‘normal’, which will help you detect if any changes occur.

What is the best way to examine your breasts? Remember “TLC”, touch, look, check: - Touch : examine your breasts in the shower, putting a moisturizer in front of the mirror or lying down. - Look : see if you can notice anything unusual, such as a bump or change in colour. - Check : if you notice anything unusual, contact your doctor immediately

Your guide to Breast Self-Exam

Early detection is key

Early detection is key for early treatment and better prognosis for breast cancer patients. You are best familiar with your body, and utilizing correct self-examination techniques can help you detect any small changes that may be a concern. It is important to know that not all changes are traceable in self-exam. Follow the guidelines of your physician and local health organization on when to take breast screening tests, such as mammography and ultrasound.

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